Broken Squares

Broken Squares highlights what happens as soon as you introduce the dichotomy of ‘winners and losers’

Key observations may be:

  • What happens if we don’t agree on a goal?
  • How can we find new ways of communicating?
  • What to do – in terms of body language – to offer respectful support
  • Is silo thinking preventing us from moving forward as an organization?



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Experience essential prerequisites of organizational performance


  • Approximately 25 minutes


  • Place participants on the floor in groups of 5
  • Hand each person an envelope that is not to be opened until instructions are complete
  • The game is won when there is an equal-sized square in front of every participant


  • No talking
  • No pointing, no tampering
  • Pieces can only be given to others, one at a time
  • All 15 pieces must be used
  • No tampering

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