Leadership Discovery Kit

The LeapCards Discovery Kit consist of

  • Essential Leadership Learning Journal, 280+ pages
  • Robust box of the 20+ most important LeapCards printed as postcards.
  • Panoramic study plan – for your commitments and your desktop or office wall.
  • Full year of unlimited use of the complete online LeapCard collection of 56+ smart cards.
  • Full year of unlimited use of personal video questions to the LeapCard professionals (the experts).
  • Full year of unlimited access to the community site with focus guides and peer dialogues.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Optional Certificate of Application



 720,00 excl. VAT


The LeapCard Discovery Kit is much more than e-Learning. 

It is an A5-sized book, where you can read a chapter each week. Each chapter is about pages with rich color illustrations and plenty of blank lines for your focused journaling! Each essential topic/concept is introduced in plain, personal English and summarized in what we call a LeapCard. A LeapCard is an essential leadership concept, refined and summarized as a postcard-sized visual.

As part of the kit, you also have the 20+ most important LeapCards as real postcards in a robust hardcover plastic box, ready for you to sort and share with your team. And an panoramic poster for your wall as a visual reminder to “stay with and share the program”.

And there is more: The pages of the book and the backsides of the postcards all have QR-codes that let you jump straight into additional information online. In the online smart-edition, each LeapCard is covered by in introductory video, a mind-triggering quiz and then 2-3 video details with additional aspects of the card. Set free your leadership curiosity; each clip with an experienced facilitator is only 2-3 minutes long and if you want to see it all, you have more than 10+ high-impact hours waiting for you online. All included.

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