Most important LeapCards

20+ most important LeapCards as real postcards in a robust hardcover plastic box, ready for you to sort and share with your team.

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Leadership Postcards

The LeapCards are available in print, which is the format they have had for many years – before being available in digital versions. Both formats have their benefits.

Each postcard summarizes an essential leadership concept in a few key illustrations and inspirational text. Think of it as a conclusion slide with crucial takeaways. The original inspiration and direct sources are always on the card when needed. The back of the postcards is open for your notes on a pen-friendly paper surface. 

The complete library consists of 20+ core postcards that apply to most leadership development projects.

Each postcard summarizes roughly one hour of training, including the associated cases and exercises. For program designs, a half-day workshop typically employs 2-3 cards.

The cards come in a convenient plastic box.

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